Darrel Frost
Nonprofit executive, writer, designer
New York, NY


Most of my brainspace is occupied by visual arts, theater, journalism, and design. I read more than I watch. What I expect from works of art or industry is simple: quality and intentionality—and, if we’re lucky, something new.

My five favorite things are strings of bare light bulbs, whiskey, oatmeal raisin cookies, and math. I’m also deipnophobic, but maybe we should discuss that over dinner.

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Professionally Since 2014, I’ve run a consultancy helping organizations improve their storytelling and operations. This work has covered organizational strategy, digital transformation, operations improvements, visual design, market positioning, project management, fundraising, and communications. One highlight: I designed and produced a print magazine for the Columbia Journalism review that was twice a finalist for a National Magazine Award.

Recent clients include:

Prior to that, I was director of strategic initiatives and director of communications at a leading independent school. One highlight: I designed and taught a year-long public speaking course for high school juniors.